Having A sick Day plan Ahead !

feeling sick make a plan

feeling sick make a plan

When your sick your blood glucose (sugar)levels can get very high. This can cause you to have very serious problems and can cause you to go into a coma. The best way to prevent a minor illness from becoming a major problem is to make sure that you have a plan for any sick days. You will make sure that you have all that you need to keep you feeling safe even if your sick.

When your sick your body is under stress. to deal with this stress your body has to release hormones that will fight off the disease. These hormones has its side effects. They raise blood sugar levels an interfere with the blood sugar-lowering effects of insulin.

When your sick it is harder, to keep your blood sugar in your target range.
lets make a sick day plan in advance. Working with your doctor ,or a diabetes educator is best, they can guide you into making a plan just for you. They will tell you when to take your sugar and how to eat and what medications to take. Also get your doctors number,this way you can reach them morning noon and night . IF you get sick on the weekends or holidays you can be prepared. You don’t need to call your doctor every time you have a runny nose, or ache. You will want to call if certain things happen like :

if your sick or had a fever for a couple of days and your not getting any better.
you have diarrhea and you have a nauseated feeling ,or vomiting for more than 3 hours
your sugar level is higher than 240 even though you have taken your medication your sick plan calls for.
your breathe smells fruity or your lips or your tongue are dry and cracked (dehydration)
if your uncertain that you don’t know what to do to take care of yourself !

When sick, you still need to continue taking your medication for your diabetes. Even if you’re throwing up still take your medicines. You need to take them your body makes extra glucose(sugar) when your sick .

Here’s the handy snack list these foods contain 10 to 15 grams of carbohydrates

these are fluids

1 Popsicle
1 cup of Gatorade
1 cup of milk with a handful of cheerios
1/2 cup of fruit juice
1/2 cup regular soft drink (not the diet kind)

6 saltines
4 vanilla wafers
3 lifesavers
2 graham crackers
1/2 cup of cooked cereal
sugar free pudding 1/2 cup of custard 1/2 cup of mash potatoes.

You maybe taking other medications due to a cold so be careful, if you have a cold or cough you will need to take cough medicine, check the label first these medicines can have extra sugar and will make your levels rise sky high.

If you ever need to see the doctor at the emergency room let them know that you are a diabetic, that’s why its good to have your id bracelet stating that your a diabetic just in case you cant speak for yourself. Have a list of all medications that your taking this will be very helpful to the doctor and his medical team. BE WEll !

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Tardy For The Party : Drama Unfolds

kandi-burruss-450http://www.cranleyscorner.blogspot.com for details

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Spying a gut feeling that just don’t justify a couple’s behavior. Research has shown that couple’s who spy on each other rarely stay together. If you find yourself spying on your mate your relationship is already in trouble.

Step 1
Confront your partner but do it in a mild way

Spying a gut feeling that just don’t justify a couple’s behavior. Research has shown that couple’s who spy on each other rarely stay together. If you find yourself spying on your mate your relationship is already in trouble.
Step 2
people love to play out their fantasies

Cell phones track all of your partners calls and text messages . ( you know that most of us has peeked , every now and then You know who you are stop playing) . Email and IM and blogs, most of us offer another world for many of us to play out our most deepest desires and other parts of personalities . You all know what I mean .
Step 3
kids are effected by this also !

Spying is a sign that your relationship has deteriorated , or never what is should have been the first place. Most times when we catch our mate cheating, we have the will to break up and leave that person. Others have a harder time doing so. Sometimes kids are involved and we don’t want to break up the home. You have to do what’s right and make it right. Try talking to your mate and find a solution and work hard to fix it. If your truly in love and have trust there should not be any suspicion . Try going out and away and talk to one another and find out what are you and your partner fears. Be Well !

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How to Avoid A Heart Attack .. Men

Men it’s time that you get a good check up and take care of yourself. Checking your cholesterol and blood pressure are good ways to prevent a heart attack. Eat right and always see your health care provider and get plenty of rest.

  1. Step 1

    the heart is a big muscle

    the heart is a big muscle

    First, what is a heart attack? A heart attack is medically known as a
    myocardial infraction. this occurs when a blood clot blocks one of the coronary arteries. Each coronary artery supplies blood to a specific part of the heart’s muscular wall. A blocked artery can cause pain and malfunction in the area it supplies.

  2. Step 2

    chest pain oneof the symptoms of a heart attack !

    chest pain one of the symptoms of a heart attack !

    Most people are pretty familiar with a description of the heart attack, the crushing chest pressure, pain, heading towards the neck, jaw, back and of course your arm. You may also have sweating, shortness of breath and a sudden case of indigestion that is not relieved by an antacid. If you experience any of these symptoms you need to call 911 right away. Make sure that you have some family members around if not keep your phone by your side.

  3. Step 3

    being over weight is another risk factor !

    being over weight is another risk factor !

    Heart disease is the number one killer of men in the united states alone.
    Plaque is made up of cholesterol and the bad high levels of bad LDL cholesterol in the bloodstream are the leading risk factors for heart attack in men. There are other risk factors such as

    obesity and overweight
    High Blood Pressure
    and other sedentary lifestyle

    Stress is another leading risk factor as well. Sudden and over whelming stress can trigger a heart attack in most cases. studies have shown that stress can cause men to have unhealthy eating habits along with smoking , therefore causing men not to exercise and develop bad habits

  4. Step 4

    Exercise is best  Try it under your doctor's supervision

    Exercise is best Try it under your doctor’s supervision

    Some men with depression can shut their selves in and not do any actives, such as sex, a walk in the park, maybe dancing, or playing a round of putt putt . Men get scared because he is worried if he does any type of exercise he may in-counter another heart attack. Therefore he may not want to do anything at all this can cause a problem in the bedroom area folks! Have consultation with your doctor and he will give you the heads up on what to so. Actually exercise is beneficial to the heart . Go get that check up and take your partner out on the town and live again Be Well.


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How to Have a Sex Life With Psoriatic Arthritis

Sure , you’ll have to make adjustments, but knowing these tips you will reclaim your sex life

Step 1

  1. painful joint pain
    painful joint pain

    Folks don’t think that you can’t have a normal sex life because you suffer from psoriatic arthritis. The joint pain , the swelling and the stiffness that is associated with arthritis can make some sexual positions uncomfortable, and the grayish- white scaling of over the dullish red skin rash that is caused by the psoriasis can make you feel self-conscious. This does not have to get in your way from having healthy sex.

  2. Step 2

    get some exercise

    get some exercise

    If anything having sex could make the pain from joint inflammation and the stiffness feel better. Most people find that are stiff in the morning and active latter on in the day. By having an activity such as sex in the morning does help one to loosen up . So sex is great in the morning ! Sex is exercise and tends to make the back pain associated with psoratic arthritis improve

  3. Step 3

    Sex should be pleasurable , so plan accordingly. If your stiff in the morning or your so tired in the evening plan a romp in the afternoon. Call your sweetie and say let’s have some afternoon delight. believe me he or she will come running. Here’s some tip that may help.

    Make sure you are rested
    apply a heating pad for sore joints
    take your pain medication before hand
    massage your muscles and joints (you can use this a form of foreplay)
    use pillow to support you and your partner.

  4. Step 4

    talk about the different positions that you can do

    talk about the different positions that you can do

    Don’t do any positions that will cause you any extra pain. You can experiment with ones that are right for you and your partner. If your having hip problems try making love your partner on her side, and you enter from behind. Here is another position that you can try . The woman is on her knees ( now make sure that she doesn’t have knee problems) on a pillow leaning against the bed .

    Another position the man lies on the bed with his partner sitting on top ,if her legs hurt she should not spread them apart.
    There are days that your partner may not want to have sex because of the flare ups and pain. So discuss this with your partner they will understand. See a rheumatologist they can help with this problem

    Be Well !


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Sinusitis: Simple Remedies For The Clogged Head

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Sinusitis: Simple Remedies For The Clogged Head

Many people that I know who have a sinus problem are also frustrated with all the misery that it brings. There’s the headache,stuffy nose,post nasal drip, can’t breath ,nor smell or taste. That’s not a good feeling. Sinusitis occurs when the mucus membranes that line your sinuses become inflamed and creating nasal congestion and bacterial infection . The inflammation is usually triggered by allergies, bacteria, viruses , stress, and sometimes genetic disorders.

Many smokers often have bad sinusitis because of all the harsh burning chemical that constantly irritates their sinuses. people who have frequent upper-respiratory infections or who have major post nasal drip are prone to sinusitis.

When this is bad you may also have a fever and some swelling , discomfort and swelling of the neck and you may even have an earache with compliments of a stuffy nose.
If your not sure what is causing your sinusitis check with your health provider. If your having this problem more than three times a year and the time between episodes are short or if it doesn’t clear up with in 7 days , you may have an intense infection.

Here are some home remedies that may help , it helped a few of my friends, But always check with your doctor.

Take a bite of horseradish root. Eat 1/4 teaspoon of prepared horseradish three times daily. You can make your own by grating 1 teaspoon of fresh root into 1 cup of hot water. Let steep for about 5 minutes; then strain. drink 3 cups a day.

To really open up your nasal passages try using a sinus oil 1 to 2 times a daily . Get a clean wash cloth and soak in hot water(be careful not to burn yourself), apply this to your face to increase the circulation to the area . keep the cloth there for 5 minutes, and keep resoaking it in hot water as hot as you can tolerate it. Apply a thin layer of olive oil to the frontal bone this is above your eyes and your cute little cheek bones starting below your eyes and onto the boney part of your nose palce some eucalyptus oil onto your fingers and rub into those areas place the hot rag again for at least 20 minutes and get plenty of rest.

You can use saline nasal spray several times a day . This can remove mucus that harbor bacteria. Find a spray that have eucalyptus . Eucalyptus can kill bacteria, betcha didn’t know that did you.

Inhaling steam is another good way of unclogging your sinuses. Make a tent with a towel over a hot bowl of steam be careful . Breathe in the steam and add some vicks vapo steam a few drops, or better yet use eucalpytus leaves and bresathe in the fresh aroma.

Don’t drink milk it tends to create mucus you already have enough of that all in your head When swimming try using nose plugs chlorine can be just as irrating as the people in the pool splashing water all in your face. Oh drink plenty of water this will help thin ourt your nasal mucus.

Last but not least, try frying some salt in apan then spread it onto a cloth and put over bridge of your nose and relax the heat will open up your sinuses. Be Well !

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How to Increase the Female libido Naturally

Let’s get ready ladies we have our own remedies to boost our libido too. Here are some herbal remedies that can help us naturally but you can check with your doctor before trying.

  1. 1

    let's have fun darling I'm in the mood

    let’s have fun darling I’m in the mood

    There are some natural Aphrodisiacs that are potent in increasing the female libido. Natural herbs that I will mention to you can increase the pleasure of sex naturally. This will also work on the physiological state of your mind and make the body much more active and energizing for you to make sex more pleasurable for you and your mate. These herbs will make sex so desirable that your mate will be sucking his thumb afterwards.

  2. Step 2

    Try ginkgo biloba extract it not only helps with improving your memory but it boost your libido so high, You can take off sky’s the limit. There have been studies that this potent herb can help with desire,excitement,and orgasm. Oh wee !

  3. Step 3

    Here is one of natures viagra, it’s called Arginine. This is an amino acid. It is also called L-arginine. It is one of the most popular supplements that is out there now for sexual dysfunction . Men and women can take it. Check with your doctor first please. Look this up and read how this work and you will see what I mean.

  4. Step 4

    a Physicsan that treats sexual problems

    a Physicsan that treats sexual problems

    DHEA this is a hormone that is produced naturally by the adrenal glands. this is therefore converted in your body to the female hormone estrogen and the male hormone testosterone. The levels decrease with age and this can lead to a decrease in your libido. Check with your doctor please. You will need to consult with an experienced physician who will make sure that you will have the correct dosage and are in good health.


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How to Not Have Painful Intercourse

Listen if you have had painful intercourse before you may cringe at the thought of you and your partner doing the do.

  1. tep 1

    Having painful intercourse will put the act on the back burner . There are so many reasons why your having this problem. It is mostly physical problems that hinder you not the psychological ones that can keep you from having your fun. Most causes are deep penetration that may make you feel awful. Love making is supposed to feel good not hurt.

  2. Step 2

    Having a dry vagina, a yeast infection , aback that is out of whack, all sorts of things. Check with your doctor see what he can do for you. You may just need to stay on top and ride that old stallion (this will put a smile on his face) This way you are in control and you know how deep to slide down that pole . Yes mama you know what I’m talking about don’t’ ya !

  3. Step 3

    There are lots of other pleasures that you get while being on top. Now if you just had a child and your estrogen levels are not where they should be at this time. Give it some time. You want to have great sex not painful sex. To tell if your ready to do the do again rub your lower tummy and vagina area with your fingers. If you do not feel pain girl your already half way there. Remember this , please check with your doctor and make sure that your using some type of birth control  black couplesmethod stay well

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Fun In The sun With Diabetes A summer’s Guide

Spring has left and summer has rolled in, Out doors can be so much fun. Summertime is fun time. You can go swimming, go to family BBQ’s and enjoy the weather. But wait, What about my medication that I’m on it says “Stay out of the sun “. I really want to enjoy myself with the others. Well you can ! You can do just like everyone else . ENJOY YOURSELF ! You don’t have to be indoors all the time because your a diabetic. You have to prepare yourself, When enjoying the summer time plan ahead. Try to do activities in the morning time when it’s cooler. Let your friends know that your down for some fun but you have to be careful in the heat. Prepare a special bag with your medications, if on insulin you can purchase one of those bags that have insulation in them. This will keep your insulin cool and ready available . Always carry water with you. It is best to drink water while in the sun, also carry a small portable umbrella and Always protect your eyes form the sun’s rays. There are some neat shades that will fit you and you will look cool too. (HA HA) If your going to a pool or the beach wear rubber shoes, they fit comfortable on your feet and they protect your feet from shells or whatever. I wear them in my pool, I can’t stand to not have anything on my feet. This will help you feel more confident in sand or in the water. Try’em you’ll like them. Also sun screen, a little sun won’t hurt ya here’s a fact you get vitamin D . But in this case, you need a little sunscreen. There are all sorts you find one that suits you ok . I always carry a piece of candy and some orange juice handy . Nothing like a refreshing sip of orange juice. It will perk up that lazy body when you have a low. Careful don’t drink too much you can get a high.(those of you who are diabetic know what a high and a low are). Always carry enough medication with you ,you don’t know what can happen. Some times you may get stuck somewhere and you want to be prepared. Do you have a medi alert bracelet ? You don’t ! You gotta get one . This is good for emergencies.
Just be prepared. I wonder if I left out any thing oh yeah HAVE FUN ENJOY YOUR DAY OUT and when the night time rolls in and your ready to check in don’t go out and have more fun.
BE WEll!

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TO Arrange or Not To Arrange That is the Question

Your baby probably like to stack blocks one on top another. This is something new for them and interesting for you too. You love how your baby is starting to develop and watching them grow is so amazing, no wonder your always snapping shots of your little one. Baby’s tend to grow right before your eyes and then their off to college and married and such . This why you want to savor every moment. teaching your baby how to build self -esteem and motor skills is your job. You have to plant these skills in them. Children usually mock what they see and hear what you do. Be careful, your little one may blurp out something that you dont want to hear. I have had this happen to me before. Very Embrassing I might say.

Children like to take things out of your purse . So dont carry any pens or objects that you dont want your child to get . give your baby a shoe box and let him place some of his toys in them.
Most 10 to 12 month babys love to play games and explore and pour things from one to another.You can use stackable measuring cups and a large container and have a wonderful play time.

now that little manny is walking , you can teach him how to roll the ball or how to kick it. Try showing him and he will follow along and you’ll be surprised at how he masters this skill.

playing peek-a-boo is the all time favorite. Children love it when you hide your face and then surprise . They get a kick out of that.

Bathing time.. If your baby loves to play in the water be careful , most babys if they can stand tend to stand ! They dont’ want to sit that’s for the birds. Older babies want to stand up and splash water all over the place , even grap your hair pat the shower curtain (never leave your baby unattended in the bath not even for a second). You want to have fun , not call 911 for heavens sake. Pile up some plastic bottles and toys and watch your baby have a fun filled bath. When done with the bath drain all the toys and plastics in a collander and have ready for the nesxt bath time. Have Fun Be Well!

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